Rocket Fox Studio would be delighted to develop an original animated series for you or take into production a project you've already developed. For the past 7 years, we've been delivering high-quality content to our partners, have a strong reputation in the market, and introduce new, beloved children's animated shows to the world.

Our core principles guide our work

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Rocket Fox Studio
At every stage of the project, we seek your approval to guarantee alignment with your goals.
Rocket Fox Studio Services
Our team strives for perfection, creating content that resonates with and captivates audiences.
Rocket Fox
We are deeply committed to producing engaging entertainment content.
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Idea Development

  • A strong concept and well-crafted script are pivotal for success. We specialize in creating original show concepts tailored to your specific requirements.
  • We are equipped to develop the project's bible and script, ensuring that it appeals to your target audience and complies with the standards of various platforms and TV channels, both in Russia and internationally.
  • Our team comprises experienced editors, scriptwriters, and creative producers with global exposure.

Character Design

We firmly believe that compelling characters are the heart and soul of any project. Our character designers are prepared to craft unique protagonists who not only become the favorites of your show but are also suitable for toy production and other licensed merchandise.

Background Design

  • Our studio boasts top-tier art directors capable of creating immersive worlds that ignite children's imaginations.
  • Having collaborated extensively with toy manufacturers, we excel in developing environmental elements that present no licensing challenges in the future.

Pitch Bible Design

  • A well-structured pitch bible is a vital tool for securing partners. We are skilled at designing pitch bibles that will facilitate the discovery of distribution or production collaborators.
  • Our pitch bibles adhere to international standards and encompass all essential information.


  • We offer end-to-end production services, covering everything from script development to the final product.
  • Additionally, we excel in individual phases such as animatics, animation, and background design.
  • Our team utilizes industry-standard software, including Adobe Animate, ToonBoom Harmony, and TV Paint, to ensure high-quality animation in various styles.
Don't hesitate to contact us to further discuss your project and explore how Rocket Fox Studio can bring your animated series to life. Your vision is our mission, and we look forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.

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