Rocket Fox is an independent animation studio that produces animated series for children!

We have everything it takes to create your animated film or series from scratch to the final master. Our team consists of 70 talented professionals, including scriptwriters, child psychologists, directors, art directors, leading animators, and producers with experience in major international projects.

We can develop a new animated series for you, create a compelling pitch bible, and produce any number of episodes. Our experts have a deep understanding of the current trends in animation, know how to cater to a specific audience, and are well-versed in the restrictions of television networks and streaming platforms that a future project may encounter.

The studio was founded by Artur Merkulov in 2015 and initially had only 4 members. Rocket Fox began producing animated series for YouTube right away. Thanks to our rapid growth, we have already created 9 successful series, totaling over 700 episodes. Our projects can be seen on 60 platforms worldwide, including Netflix, CCTV, and many others.

About Us

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Our Team

Dmitry Gorbunov

CEO, Executive producer Co-founder of the Rocket Fox studio

Arthur Merkulov

Artistic director
Co-founder of Rocket Fox studio

Julia Generalova

Administrative manager

Svetlana Bespalova

Project manager


студия компьютерной анимации ПЕТЕРБУРГ

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