Dragoniest adventure of them all!
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Om Nom Stories cartoon for kids

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Is there really a new series with our favorite monster?
Om Nom Stories cartoon for kids
Om Nom Stories cartoon for kids
Captain Kraken and his crew cartoon

Real underwater detective

Captain Kraken cartoon for kids
Check out one of our favorite Captain Kraken episodes!

Our goal is to give every child confidence in their ability to make the world a better place.

We want to inspire kids and teens with 3 big ideas:
• The world is full of opportunities
• They need to take care of it
• They can be anything they want to

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Comedy, 2+
2D, 52x5'30''
Comedy, action, adventure, 3+
2D, 3,5" x 140
Comedy, 3-5
2D, 52x2'30''
Comedy, adventures, 3+
2D, 26x7'
Comedy, 0+
2D, VR-360, 2'20''
Comedy, edutainment, 2+
2D, 52x5'30''
Edutainment, comedy, 0+
2D, 26x4'30"
Edutainment, comedy, 0+
2D, 26x4'30''
Edutainment, 2+
2D, 10x2'50''
2D, 20''

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